Website Assessment Starter Kit

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As with most things, it’s best to know where you are right now so you can figure out how to get to where you want to be. 


An evaluation of your website's content, design, and functionality will help you determine its effectiveness, user experience, and adherence to industry standards.


My Website Assessment Starter Kit can help you systematically evaluate your current website objectively, identify optimization opportunities, and then prioritize your next steps.

Why This Kit?

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Systematic Evaluation

Asess all core elements of the user's experience

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Assess your website from a user’s perspective

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Identify Opportunities

Pinpoint specific areas that can be improved

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About the Author - Alisha McFarland

As someone who has been earning a living in the technology industry since 1998, I've seen and done a few things. It's been a fun ride most of the time but mistakes and missteps are seldom enjoyable.

That's why I chose to use my experience and knowledge to be an objective, professional opinion to anyone who may be struggling with what they should do to refine their website.

If you are curious how your website can do more for your business, I’m here to help with simple and effective strategies.